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Ohio BWC Announces Certified Managed Care Organizations

[Posted 11/11/96] On November 7, 1996, Administrator James Conrad and Lieutenant Governor Nancy Hollister announced the first official list of 52 BWC–certified managed care organizations (MCOs). Every Ohio employer must select an MCO from this list to medically manage their workers’ compensation claims. The deadline for more than 270,000 employers to make their selection is Feb. 15, 1997.

"This managed care system is going to completely change the face of workers’ compensation in the State of Ohio," Conrad said. The Health Partnership Program (HPP), the managed care program for Ohio's workers’ compensation system, will accept claims for new injuries beginning March 1, 1997, and by Jan. 1, 1998, all bureau claims will be medically managed by MCOs.

Ohio’s HPP is being watched closely by many other states, and is poised to be a national model of workers’ compensation delivery.

(Editor’s Note: The developments in Ohio are important to watch, particularly as a way for state monopolistic insurance funds to make a transition to a market–driven, private system. wln)